28 February 2017


A few weeks ago, I posted a description of the Summula Pictoria, a magnum opus that I hope to complete over the next fourteen years.

I have spent the last couple of weeks figuring my plans for the project in greater detail. I have revised the description of it on my web site, which you can read here.

After long consideration, I have settled on a complete list of drawings to include within its scope, 235 in total. I have decided to draw them at a larger scale that I originally intended (the smallest ones will measure 4.5" square rather than 3" square; this will allow me to include as much detail as I think they require). The full list can be read here.

I am considering Easter of 2017 to be the official beginning of my work on the Summula Pictoria; my initial tasks are research, training and practice in figure drawing, and designing the patterns that will appear on Haloes, Damask, Carpets and Tiles within the drawings. Later in 2017, I shall design and construct costumes for the figures. In 2018, I shall pose live models, design the architecture, and draft compositions for all of 235 pictures. I shall begin making the final drawings about two years from today, hoping to complete 4 or 5 large ones and about 15 small ones per year for 12 years.

I hope to secure advance patronage for most of the drawings. This is most important at the beginning of the project. Please contact me if you would be interested in commissioning any of these works. I can accept payments for them in advance, or in installments, or in smaller monthly amounts. Patrons will have the opportunity to purchase prints of completed drawings at a discount.