10 March 2020


It is important to me that everything depicted in the Summula Pictoria be designed by my own hand. This includes architecture. I have no training in this field, and the sort of architecture that I want to draw - a hybrid of Gothic, Russian, and Persian - does not really exist anywhere in the world, at least as far as I know.

For complicated architectural features, I have found it much easier to create small models for guides than to invent buildings entirely on paper.

09 March 2020


I drew two different versions of this, slightly different. In the first, I depicted the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil as apricots; in the second, I decided to use figs, as these seemed more symbolically resonant. The biggest change is in the ground cover plants; in the first drawing, my idea was to depict poisonous or noxious plants, in order to say that these would have, in the antelapsarian garden, been perfectly pleasant and harmless. Thus Adam and Eve are walking barefoot among poison ivy, stinging nettle, tread-softly, and hemlock. Thinking that this might be too subtle, in the second version, I drew obviously benevolent plants, including rose of sharon and lily of the valley, a reference to the Song of Songs.