12 September 2017



My third coloring book, Christian Labyrinths, was just released by Ave Maria Press. This is my most ambitious coloring book by far. It is realized mostly in the ornamental style of manuscripts produced in the monastic scriptoria of early medieval Ireland and Northumbria.

One of my intentions in making this book was to reclaim labyrinths as an authentic part of orthodox Christian tradition. Labyrinths have appeared in ecclesiastical art since at least the fifth century, and adorn the floors of Gothic cathedrals, but their reputation has become stained in recent years due to New Agers promoting labyrinth-walking as a spiritual exercise. Here, I am placing them again in an orthodox context, in artistic compositions with a biblical, patristic and liturgical order.


Like my other two coloring books, Mysteries of the Rosary and The Saints, this is being marketed as a coloring book for adults, but I have always intended it for everyone. My own children certainly have been enjoying the advance copies that I gave them. For older readers, there are some additional challenges presented. Each page has a single inconsistency in the ornament to find, and there is a cryptogram to decipher at the end.

I have a limited number of copies on hand, which I am happy to sign. If you want to order from me directly, e-mail danielmitsuiartist@gmail.com. The book costs $10.95. You may also order it from these web sites:

Ave Maria Press