31 July 2017


I wrote an article recently for the Catholic Herald:

Concerned about the Church? Become an Artist

An excerpt:
The supreme model of sacred art cannot be an artefact of history, something that came from men; it is, rather, something that comes from God. Catholic sacred art does not have a geographic or chronological centre. Rather, it has two foci, like a planetary orbit. One is the foot of the Cross; the other is the Garden of Eden.

The first focus corresponds to the artist’s duty to hold fast to tradition. Catholic tradition is based on real memories of real events, on things that Jesus Christ said and did and revealed in the lifetimes of the Apostles. It is an all too common error for the faithful in the present day to confuse tradition itself with its legal enforcement by the Magisterium, as though tradition were nothing more than a stack of documents bearing the correct signatures.