02 March 2017


Many medieval artists and scribes created sourcebooks: manuscripts filled with model ornamental borders, versals, alphabets and illustrations in which other artists and scribes would find inspiration, or that they would copy. Especially fine examples survive from the hands of Giovannino de'Grassi, Guido de Vicomercato and Gregorius Bock.

Pages from a Sourcebook by Giovannino de'Grassi

Pages from a Sourcebook by Gregorius Bock

Here, I intend to offer something similar, based on my own artwork: letters, patterns and pictures that may be traced or imitated. You may also use them as clip art (for nonprofit purposes only) or as coloring sheets. These are formatted as 300dpi bitmap images on 8 1/2" × 11" pages that can be printed and photocopied.

Here are three pages of versals, taken from my own ink drawings. Click on the thumbnail images to download the files.


I intend to offer something for free download on this web log often (about once a week); this will be either a sourcebook page; a coloring sheet for children or adults; a typographic broadside; or some game, puzzle or craft.

All of this material will be collected on my web page here.

I hold the copyright to these images, and I permit them to be downloaded, printed and photocopied only for the purposes that I describe. Printed copies must be distributed for free. If you want to use them in any other way, you must first receive my permission. Posting the images to a web log or sharing them on a social medium is encouraged so long as it links back to my web page.

I do not charge for downloading the files. However, a donation is suggested. This should be proportionate to the number of files downloaded and the number of copies made of them.

If you are unable to make a donation, I ask that you at least subscribe to my newsletter by e-mailing danielmitsuiartist at gmail dot com.